Anyone who is working with students in a helping capacity or who has a special interest in assisting students to realize maximum benefit from their school experiences will benefit from involvement with the Guidance Council. Non-ATA members join on a subscription basis.

Regular membership:

Teachers are entitled to one free membership per year. The only catch is that you have to renew each year. So if you haven’t renewed and would like to continue to receive the Guidance Council publications, get a discount on the conference and regional professional development opportunities, and support the Guidance Council advocating for school counselling, today’s the day to renew. Go to and follow the steps to renew your specialist council membership. If you’ve joined another council this year or if you are not a teacher, you can still join the Guidance Council for the tiny fee of $35 (tax deductible). Membership/subscription application forms are also available on the ATA website.


Persons or corporations who are ineligible for active or associate membership in the ATA, such as home-school liaison workers, school psychologists, Student Health Initiative staff, teaching assistants, parents and libraries, as well as retired or non‐active teachers, may be connected with specialist councils by paying a subscription fee. Subscribers are eligible to receive council publications and attend council conferences at the member rate as well as other services as determined by the council, but are not members of the council.

$35.00 per year

Student membership:

Undergraduate university student ATA members. Student members receive all the benefits and services of council membership except the right to hold office.

$5.00 per year